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Marketing colourisation


The colourisation debate.


Who does colourisation affect?


  • existing colourisation companies
  • archive holders
  • Colourists
  • Post-production specialists
  • SFX facilities
  • Production agencies
  • media transfer services
  • media sales
  • legal professionals (sales, copyright and IPR)
  • DVD distributors
  • the public




I have heard quotes for 90 min of footage at £160,000 (£1,770 per min) to do a standard movie, although with a rotoscoping technique time spent on this can be greatly reduced.


One project I know of was of a US-based company who colourised the first 5 minutes of the Doctor Who story "Invasion of the Dinosaurs", episode 1 and quoted around £25,000+ for 25 mins of footage.


I'd love to hear from amyone out there offering colourisation already - how much do you charge? How easy is it for you to convince archivists of the service you offer? Do you go through an intermediary media sales company or have you built your network of contacts 'by hand'?


Documents and related links


"Film Directors See Red Over Ted Turner's Movie Tinting", by Jack Mathews, The Los Angeles Times, September 12, 1986, part 6 page 1.
"The colour of profit" a discussion on the colourisation of A-e-Aam, by Anand Parthasarathy from Frontline, Volume 21 - Issue 23, Nov. 06 - 19, 2004.
The Rediff Interview - Jayesh Seth: The making of Mughal-e-Azam.
"A black and white issue? - Colorization, preservation and the digital future" by Richard Price. (c) casalinx.com, 2004.
Amia-l, the Association of Moving Image Arctivists contains a regular e-mail discussion list which is a wealth of information on technical standards and some of the key issues which affect archivists today.
BBC Interview with the Restoration Team.

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