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Colourisation processes and techniques

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Colourisation processes and techniques


Using Photoshop - Frame by Frame method

This thread is for colourists working one frame at a time. It is time consuming, but good photo realism can be created quickly using advanced photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop which allows some dexterity.


Using After Effects - Rotoscoping and tweening method

Rotoscoping is still at its infancy, but by using an array of bezier b-spline masks and several colourising layers affecting the image portion a different way up to three colours can be superinposed over the area and the luma value can do the hard work.


...now on which layer did I have actor 4's tie?.......


2D cell animation (trace method)


Creating 'flash-style' comic-book footage to plug the gaps where footage is missing.


3D animation


Using existing monochrome footage as source material to create fresh colour footage.


Documents and related articles


A comprehensive colour mixing guide is available on Enchanted Learning's site.
Matthew Bennett's dissertation discussing the techniques of colourisation comparing onion skinning and rotoscoping techniques is now available.
US4606625: Method for colorizing black and white footage
Museum of Broadcast Communicataions - article on Colorization.
IMDB's entry on colourisation.
Museum of Broadcast Commuincations - Abstract: Ted Turner U.S. Media Mogul.
Wikipedia's article on film coloursation.
Howstuffworks: How do they color old black-and-white movies?
Queen Mary Vision Laboratory at Queen Mary Univeristy of London.

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