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In order to edit the wiki, can you please provide information about yourself. This information will be used to maintain the integrity of the wiki by providing contributor data. The data is used by the Institute for Colourisation - an independent body which works to promote the standards for colourisation. As the body managing the wiki, the Institute will be the Data Account holder for content and contact data for this wiki.

By providing your contact information you become a member of a community of practice and reserve the right to post anonymously, or as yourself. By providing the data requested in this form you are agreeing to the use of your name, organisation, job role and colourisation experience data only to be used by the Institute in their research and you are consenting to the use of your name where you have listed it in your posting on the wiki. Your contact details will be kept private and not passed to a third party. Any reference to you in their documentation will be by agreement prior to any publication.

Please ensure that you only submit these details if they are accurate and if you consent to the usage of this data by the Institute. If you simply want to correct a page entry, email the moderator seperately at

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